§ Our Refund & Chargeback Policy

Please read this policy before joining our websites!

During the last 20 years, doing business on internet, we developed simple rules to guaranty user satisfaction as well as fraud protection.

Do not request a refund because of a signup or use „by mistake“!

All our rules are clearly described and you agree to them by completing the signup/payment. Even if you do not use our service or forget to cancel - this is not a relevant or acceptable reason to request a refund.

Chargebacks will cause legal action against you at your place of residence.

Please be aware that our legal department & local attorneys where you live will take legal action against you for every chargeback. This will cause serious troubles, high costs & most likely a public legal dispute.

Why do we fight so hard against chargebacks?

  • Chargebacks are causing additional costs
    Banks and card companies are charging us extra fees of $25 per chargeback.
  • People believe we cannot identify, uncover & catch cheaters
    In 2019 we are able to track payments, bank connections & user behavior. VPN or not …
  • Fraudulent refund requests turn into fraudulent chargebacks
    We do not accept „It wasn’t me“ statements. Please stay away from these nonsense requests!

If all that makes sense to you, please sign up/in & enjoy our video world!