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Trainer and Femdom Gina Kilmer has broken some of the toughest horses in her day, but today she's not here to tame horses, but instead to tame her gimp, Achiles. She lets him out of his stable in the barn and puts him on a lead to make him run circles while obeying her every command to the letter. Eventually he falls in the horse-flop laden field and gets all dirty, so Gina orders him to get in the trough and proceeds to scrub every tender square inch of his body with a hard-bristle horse brush. Red and sore, the worthless Achiles has just begin to learn what it's like to be Gina's personal beast of burden.

Date added16 Dec 2019
Runtime21 minutes
ResolutionSD 480p
File formatmp4
File size221 MB
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movieEnglish


Top performer: Gina Killmer

Gina Killmer