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Celine Noiret isn't one to follow society's rules, generally looking far sluttier than is acceptable wherever she goes, and today, she's blatantly breaking the no-smoking rule in the bathroom she's in. Once she lights up, however, she sees a gloryhole in the stall next to her, and as if she's trying to get some rodents out of their hole, she defiantly blows smoke into the hole hoping for some cock to peak its head out for her to suck on! Celine happily takes any naughtiness that comes her way, and after she taunts that hole for a while, sure enough a cock comes out, and she gets right to blowing it! Celine has made plenty of dicks splooge hard, and usually quite quickly, but when this cock starts erupting tons of jizz she realizes she's in for a fucked up, messy as hell ride, getting her black, satin dress creamed down in white jizz, and then taking more and more from there, ultimately getting completely drenched as she fucks that cock and masturbates under ridiculous amounts of cum! This pornstar freak goes tit for tat with this cum rocket, showing just how slutty she is and that she can take it as it cums!! Add your own load to this very creamy Celine!

Date added6 Sep 2019
Runtime17 minutes
ResolutionFull HD 1080p
File formatmp4
File size875 MB
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movieEnglish


Top performer: Celine Noiret

Celine Noiret


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