SINX Referral Marketing

SINXCO User Referral Program

Do you have traffic on your blog, forum, board or otherwise adult related website?
Start turning it into revenue and income. Start earning money today!

Why promote Sinx?

  • We pay per sale - for each and every user registration
  • 20% Super Commission on the payout of referred affiliates/webmasters
  • Professional Tracking, Reliable Payouts, Foolproof Operation

Why conversions are so high?

  • Extremely targeted customer approach by niches or preference
  • Link to specific sections, videos or pages based on your traffic
  • Covering adult mainstream and specialties/niches, female/male and LGBT users
  • Low priced flat rates with rotating content and lifetime library
  • User-friendly onetime payments, no cross-sales, safety, 24/7 customer support

We do not reward tube traffic or otherwise violating/illegal sources.

Discounts are given by channels and studios in a million different ways. SINX does not offer extra discounts to sign up.

Integrate our search bar and add great value to your website.

Get started with us today!

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SINXCO Business Referral Program

Do you have friends or partners in the adult industry? Do you work in the adult industry?
Are you a fan of adult brands, companies or performers?

Turn these relationships into revenue and income and start earning money today!

How to earn money with your contacts?

  • Refer our media market to content owners, studios, producers, and self-promoters
  • Refer our carefree ad services with high-quality search engine traffic to advertisers
  • Refer our user referral program to online business
Our commission plan

Intermediary commissions (content) on studio payout

  • Initial lead or referral
  • Non-recurring - first 3 months only when external lead
  • 15,00%
  • 17,50% (10.001+ USD)
  • 20,00% (25.001+ USD)
  • 22,50% (50.001+ USD)
  • 25,00% (100.001+ USD)
  • or 5% recurring

Intermediary commissions (advertising) on client revenue

  • Initial lead or referral
  • Non-recurring - first 3 months only when external lead
  • 10,00%
  • 11,50% (10.001+ USD)
  • 13,00% (25.001+ USD)
  • 15,00% (50.001+ USD)
  • 17,50% (100.001+ USD)
  • or 3% recurring

Referral sales commissions (on referred affiliate payouts)

  • 20,00%

General Referral Terms of Service


  • 10th-15th of each Month (for previous Month)


  • 25th-30th of each Month (for previous Month)


  • USD, EUR
  • Wire, Paxum

Claims for any commission lose their validity in case of

  • Fraud
  • Refunds/Chargebacks

You will receive an unique promotional code to give away. This code will indicate your referred customers and be the base to calculate your commissions.

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