Sinx Content Rental

Do you need some guaranteed money from time to time or even now and fast?
As a special feature, we offer a type of flat rate deal to studios and channels.

Simply enable your content as "rentable” or tell us after registration to do this for you.
Rental can apply at the start, on- and off, or everlasting. It all depends on performance.

Rental Fees @ SINX (monthly, per clip)

  • $ 3 / amateur fetish, kink, porn and gonzo, SD/HD content, mobile/action cams
  • $ 5 / semi-pro and professional fetish, kink, porn, SD/HD content,
  • $ 7 / fetish, kink, specialties, high profile & HD/4K content
  • All content is non-exclusive and you stay the owner of your content
  • Flat monthly rental fee per clip for the previous month
  • Fallback to 51% net revenue share automatically
  • Video rentals promote your channels and generate additional revenue

Apply for a commercial account