Merger & Buyouts

Are you ready to sell your commercial assets?
We might be the right buyer.

Our international team features experts like accountants, attorneys, financial advisors and adult industry veterans. Their know-how is covering the key markets North America, The European Union, Switzerland and Japan. On demand, we are able to involve specialists from other regions.

Our acquisitions apply to

  • Companies with staff
  • Companies without staff
  • Commercial assets

We do not purchase indebted companies or companies in administration.

Commercial assets include

  • Intellectual properties such as trademarks, licenses, copyrights, domains, patents
  • Digital properties such as websites, services, apps
  • Physical goods and stock/stock overhead (except dvds)

Let us talk about your offer and see how to manage a transaction!

NDA will be signed by our executives before asking you for details or internal figures.

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