General Advertising Guide

Do you want to get exposure and more visitors? Want to increase sales?
Start advertising, it’s really easy and not expensive at all!

We will help you to get it started.

Advertising @ Sinx takes only 4 steps

  1. Decide what will be the goal of your ads (publicity or sales)
  2. Choose the type of advertising (text, banner, message, post, video, …)
  3. Target your ads by sexuality, GEO location, language
  4. Define your visibility by exact word or text phrase (where applicable)

Or simply leave it up to us and we will create the campaign for you!

Everything is based on the performance of your advertisements.
If they don’t perform, you will not be charged.

Key facts and standards

  • Bookings always for the subsequent month
  • Minimum deposit per month is $ 99
  • Unused funds will be carried over to the subsequent month
  • Closing date for bookings 15th of a month for the following month
  • Closing date for payments 22nd of a month for the following month
  • Closing date for ad delivery 27th of a month for the following month
  • We charge in US Dollar, payments by credit card and wires (bank transfers)
  • Optional currencies and payment methods available at request

Our Terms of Service and the Know Your Customer Policy apply. All advertiser accounts need to be verified. This applies for identity (id, pass, drivers license), address (utility bill, band/credit card statement) and business registration (extract of the chamber of commerce) for corporations.

Any kind of fraud/scam will be reported to your local authorities instantly.

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