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Tan: What’s Eatin’ You

Welcome back and to those in countries that celebrate it; happy Labour Day, everyone! This time, Mr Nice brings along a new Singaporean friend, Franci…





Welcome back and to those in countries that celebrate it; happy Labour Day, everyone! This time, Mr Nice brings along a new Singaporean friend, Francis, to try his muster at layin’ n slayin’ Thai pussy on camera. Being a long-time huge fan, he stepped up to the plate and joined the ranks of those that came (pun-intended), tried and conquered. What he didn’t know was that he was about to snare himself a lay-by that would long stand in his (and our) personal spank bank for years to come. Beautiful small firm tits, a desire for cock that screams long-standing repression of desires and a pussy so tight, one wonders if it ever saw the light of day before. A story to be told to friends over beer, UFC fights and football. Difference here is, for $29.95 a month, there’s proof that his buddies can look up on tuktukpatrol.com and an adventure that you, our members, get to enjoy from the comfort of your chair.

Ok, so what exactly happened here? Well they started off at a few cafes (and being chased out – haha – sorry, no footage) then decided to try a calmer location such as a book store. Very few, but one, stood out. There was something naughty about this prim-type girl in a place full of books and nerdisms. The best part is, the silent eye contact and flirting just kept intensifying between her and Mr Nice and when filming her from different angles, you could tell that she was soon just pretending to be reading the books she was flipping through. She was enjoying this random attention. Mr Nice, being the nice guy he is, gave Francis a bit of a head start by explaining, off-camera, a little bit of what was going on (not so much the filming & fucking back at a hotel part, though) and sent the man in for the kill. Yeah yeah… I know what you’re all saying now… but Francis didn’t think the girl was going to be game until Mr Nice proved him wrong. And boy… did he ever!

Once back at the hotel, this girl was more than laid and slayed by our new stickman here. From gobbling his cock with a huge dick-eating grin on her face to getting her pussy licked, banged and teased to point of it still being aroused with nothing in it or around it whilst ass-up and face buried in cock… it really made us wonder: “what’s eatin’ you, girl?”. Haunted hotel room?

Or run-away remnants of an orgasm… take your pick. You will be treated to a pleasantly invigorating barrage of this 23 year old Thai bundle of fun trying out EVERY position her pounding lil’ heart desires. All for yours and our benefit, of course.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny! Try to not work too hard today. With Francis’ resounding success in cock-manship, we are sure you will be seeing more of him in the future. Pretty sure we just unleashed a bull in a China-shop here.

Date added1 Apr 2019
Runtime45 minutes
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Top performer: Tan C.

Tan C.