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Nana’s ANAL episode: Welcome to Thailand!

Well guys, we have a very special episode for you this time. Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking, wtf is up with the cat-show? John has a method to his…

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Well guys, we have a very special episode for you this time. Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking, wtf is up with the cat-show? John has a method to his madness and figuring that these girls (whom are cute enough to fuck since most are still in their youthful prime) devote so much time to pussy of this nature… that they’re probably not going to give up an opportunity to get fucked… especially when it’s by a handsome foreign bloke!

After introducing himself to a 22yo at the back of the crowd in a black ‘n white striped dress named Nana, it became apparent that his hunch that she may be a crazed-cat-lady-in-training that was just begging for a dick in her was right – She’s got 3 of them and seemed to quite enjoy the attention this strange white guy was giving her! Further confirming his hunches with a nonchalant “Are you horny?”, resulted in a fit of agreeable giggles and smiles. This girl is not going to let the opportunity of getting fucked pass her by.. no sir! If Nana could speak better English, I’m almost positive she’d have said “can we just get right to the sex?” and taken him in the ass right then and there…

After calming down enough to get back to the room and immediately getting on his bed and taking off her panties, it’s even more immediately clear that she’s DTF with no time to waste. She begins to finger, moan, play and put on a show for John and his camera right away. With a little help from John as she played with her ass and pussy, she directs John back down to her asshole and cums for him. Could it be? Is this a Thai girl that actually does ENJOY anal and not just acting out for the camera? Well, we wouldn’t be as excited as we are in calling this an “ANAL episode” if she didn’t!!!

Honest-to-fuck guys, this girl went to give him a blowjob and couldn’t get the though of putting his dick in her ass out of her mind. In fact, I’d bet the only reason she even entertained the notion of sucking him off was just to make sure it was wet and hard enough for her. She wanted to get her tiny asshole stretched, pounded and infiltrated with the most extreme prejudice! The point of losing it all, my friends, is right when she gives john another spit top-up and shoves a water-bottle in her eager little asshole while swallowing his knob!! Guys, just watch the video and see the rest for yourselves, I have to go clean up…

I bet you didn’t expect to see this from a cat show!

Until next time: Stay happy and stay horny

Date added1 Apr 2019
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