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Mich: LBFM Grab ‘n Bag

Ah yes, the Malls of the Philippines. They are like little encapsulated ecosystems of Filipina pussies just waiting to be plucked and plowed. One wond…





Ah yes, the Malls of the Philippines. They are like little encapsulated ecosystems of Filipina pussies just waiting to be plucked and plowed. One wonders how these consumerist monstrosities number so highly in a country where the average income is so low. But then, once you see the never-ending lines at any foreign money remittance center, you stop wondering.

Whether it be overseas family members working on ships, mid-east hotels or in bands throughout Asia, or the countless geriatric foreign money-ko’s sending pussy lay-away pera to their darlings, this is a Country where the large majority of the masses rely on some form of foreign support to get by. And by get by, I mean shop at the malls frequently. Ok, so maybe they mostly window shop, but somebody must be buying something for all these mega-malls to exist.

Now, if you’re the mongering sort, like our buddy Jonas is, you gotta love these places. There’s a continuous stream of maganda Filipinas of all shapes, sizes and ages prancing around looking as sexy ever. Even if you’re not going to actively hunt for one at the moment, it’s often nice to just sit down somewhere and enjoy the passing view while having a coffee or something. Who knows, sometimes you, the hunter, can become the hunted. I’ve had girls sit down right beside me and start chatting, invariably leaving me with a new textmate for future possibilities at the very least.

But often times, if you put forth even a little bit of an effort, you can walk away to the trike stand outside with a new short-time companion in tow. That is precisely what Jonas did on this occasion. He found himself an agreeable young lady with a pleasant attitude to go kill some time with. And when you’re in the Philippines, killing time usually means the exchange of bodily fluids. When he got this nice young girl back to his room, he found out just a little more about her before they got busy:

Name: Mich

Age: 20

Province: Samar

Hobbies: Reading pocket books

Boyfriend: No (had a Filipino bf one year ago)

Likes Sex? Yes.

Favorite position: Dog-style

Now while this little lass might not be a “10” in the looks department, she definitely has a great personality. Even better than a great personality are great blow-job skills, and luckily for Jonas, Mich had those too. Just a few moments after her little interview, she was bobbing on his knob something fierce. How pretty do they really need to be if all you’re gonna see is the top of their head? Serious question.

Jonas then spent the rest of his time with Mich smashing away at her completely slick shaved puki. This was a girl who enjoyed the dick too, moaning with pleasure as she got stuffed. I must say, she really turned in a nice performance for an average chick he just picked up from the mall. In keeping with his trademark 80’s porno style, Jonas spewed his globby load out onto her lower pelvic area, inducing giggles from Mich. I mean, who still does that?

But when you’re on holiday in the PI and it’s your own personal sex fantasy to act out, you go with what you want I guess. As Mich rinsed off the goo from their brief companionship, she signed off the episode with a signature Filipina smile and wave goodbye. Until we fuck again…

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