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Chealsy: Pretty Little Liar

Now, now, I know some of us don’t like seeing Pinoy dudes banging “our” Filipinas on here, but let’s face it, it happens. TP has always been about bri…





Now, now, I know some of us don’t like seeing Pinoy dudes banging “our” Filipinas on here, but let’s face it, it happens. TP has always been about bringing the “reality” of the game here in the PI to the forefront, and not pulling any punches or sugar-coating things. It’s what we’ve been lauded and loathed for since Day 1 my friends. Praised by guys like you who appreciate seeing it, while at the same time hated by some of the cranky, local expat/barowner types who just hate seeing the grandiose illusion they want portrayed to their naive customers shattered by a self-serving website such as ours.

And that’s just it. Seeing Pinoy cock smashing Pinay pussies might shatter that illusion for some of us. The illusion that they truly do love us and prefer us over their local brand of penis. In some cases, that may be true, but I’m here to tell you it’s the exception, not the rule. The best rule of thumb for anyone entering the realm of “The Filipina”, is to just accept that almost any girl you meet here is already taking local pecker on a nightly basis. These women are a different breed from what you’re used to back home. As a whole, they truly need constant, everyday “closeness” and “togetherness”. And by those things, I mean they need to get fucked daily.

So that cute waitress or saleslady who made eyes at you and you struck up a conversation with? Oh sure, you can get her number. Oh sure, you can chat with her. Oh sure, you can even go on a date with her and maybe even fuck her. And Oh very sure, you can send her “help” via Western Union when she needs it…..which she surely will. (It’ll make you wonder how any of them “survived” until you came into their lives) But best be damn sure, she’s got a neighborhood “chota” or “jowa” already. And despite the fact that he’s a worthless, low-life street urchin who likely works as little as he can, drinks as much as he can, and urges her to work as hard as she can (whether its call-center, the mall of whoring out of a bar) to earn more money for his habits and wants, she’ll still always—-I mean always—-run back to him at the drop of a piso.

I doesn’t matter how good looking you think you are, how much money you make, how generous you think you’ve been, or how smart or wise you feel with them; there’s one fact you’re just going to have to accept up front from the get-go until you physically remove her from the Philippines (if it even goes that far): She’s gonna get her local dick.

This episode here this week really does not portray much of what I just said above, haha. Because Chealsy here just hops in a trike with a strange Pinoy she never met and fucks him for the hell of it. Why? Here’s the alarming part that’s also difficult for many of us to swallow: Because she’s a wanton cock-fiend who probably doesn’t get fucked well enough or often enough by her geriatric foreigner boyfriend living here on a pension, that’s why. Maybe he used up his monthly budget’s limit for Viagra already, so she needed a good dicking while out of the house running errands for him. Who really knows.

But one thing’s for sure, if Grampa-expat sees this video, there’s gonna be a new 18 yr old Pinay named Chealsy in need of a home. Amid her hasty libidinous actions, she probably didn’t realize these 2 crazy Filipinos were actually the “native” members of the infamous band of Trike-riding, infidelity-exposing mongers. Can hardly blame a girl for wanting a shag with someone born in her decade, can you? They are humans too, after all. But even I gotta admit, answering your old fart money-ko’s phone call while you’re taking it from behind in a short-time hotel room is a little outrageous. (see vid – approx 08:50) Poor old bastard. Nobody likes to be lied to and cheated on. Especially not on camera, haha. So that’s Chealsy and her “cheatin’ heart” (or, cheatin’ pussy, really) episode. For those who hate their illusion bein’ broken with the local brown winky, don’t worry, we go back to white dick next week, lol.

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