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April: What do Cum Showers bring?

Is it April again already? Sure is. This skinny little minx has been featured on Trike Patrol two times now and is back for more cock a 3rd. Mr. X mee…





Is it April again already? Sure is. This skinny little minx has been featured on Trike Patrol two times now and is back for more cock a 3rd. Mr. X meets her in a convenience store where she is waiting with her larger but perhaps even more delicious looking friend, Mhae. (more about her later) They shared some pineapple juice and SML (fuck the sign) and misunderstood each others broken English. Nobody is here for talking anyway. A 21 year old going on 40, April has been around this big city block more than once or twice already, and was keen to get back to Mr X’s hotel room and into her slutwear.

Always hungry for white meat, despite what her spinner frame would suggest, April got down on her knees for a wet blow shortly after her blow dry in the CR. As noted in her previous appearances, April has some big hearty pussy lips for such a small girl. The contrast that presents is unmistakable and strangely intriguing. Seeing her ride dick from behind with those big shaven pussy lips gripping up and down the sides of the shaft highlights just how damn meaty those labia majoras are. Maybe the miles and miles of rods that she’s ridden have had a stretching effect on ’em or maybe she was just born that way. Either way, hers is a pussy that was made to get fucked over and over again, and Mr. X was happy to oblige once more.

With her perky little spinner gum-drop titties shuddering as she bounced, April’s enjoyment of riding cowgirl couldn’t be any more evident. But for such a small young lady, she has a nice round little ass too, and Mr. X would’ve been remiss if he didn’t showcase it with a good dose of doggy-style pounding from the rear. The only thing to cap this episode off even better would be a nice sticky facial at the end. That is precisely what happened, as Mr. X went straight from slamming her from the back to a whip-around facial whipped creaming. No cum dodging on this horny LBFM’s part; in fact, she leaned in to make sure she was covered as best she could be with those spurting hot streaks of man shower. April usually is a wet month after all, and we’re off to a good start I would say!

But wait! There’s more! It turns out that sexy curvacious friend Mhae was in attendance and watching the entire time. And when asked, she teased with the notion she could be next. She also revealed the fact that she is indeed sisters with the wild nympho Natasha! Well, well, if she’s anything like her sister it should be a scintillating episode if we can make it happen. May is still a few weeks away, but maybe coming sooner than we expect.

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