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Patrol Report

School in the Philippines is funny. Every girl you meet will tell you she’s a “college graduate” or she’s “in college”, but that usually means they did a 2-year post high-school education program. And since high school only goes up to 10th grade in the Philippines, that basically equates to 11th and 12th grade for us back in America (and most Western countries). I can’t tell you how many Pinays I’ve met (edit: fucked) that have said they were studying in college or already graduated.

Which brings us to Mr. X’s latest recording. Meet April, a “college student” playing hooky to offer him nookie. After puffing away a smoke out on his balcony, April comes inside and tells us more about herself. Sexual from a tender young age, she says her favorite position is “dog style”…what else? She let’s X-man warm up her vajean by rubbing it through her panties, before taking over herself and eventually baring a well-beaten set of piss-flaps for the cam. Seriously, for a 20-year old this girl has some droopy meat curtains, which I find irresistible personally.

She then services Mr. X with her naughty mouth before mounting his pole to ride. This lil’ spinner must been rather snug for someone who’s been fucking a while already; she had to ease his cock in there slow & steady at first. Once he was in though it was pretty smooth stabbing, and it was clear to see (and hear) how much April enjoys a hard prick.

And if we measured X’s enjoyment level by the size of the load he expunged, I’d dare say it was quite a thrilling lay for him. Wait ’til ya see the globs of goo spackled all over April’s back. Massive cum dump. Hat tip to Mr. X for the bonus shower footage also. It’s nice to see an LBFM get clean after being dirty

Date added1 Apr 2019
Runtime31 minutes
ResolutionFull HD 1080p
File formatmp4
File size1036 MB
Level of qualitysemi professional
Language in movieEnglish


Top performer: April Q.

April Q.