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The Lady Burglar's Juicy Booty Part One

Cat burglar Sinn Sage was tipped off about a priceless loot that she could get her hands on. She slipped into the house and peeks into the kitchen and…

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Cat burglar Sinn Sage was tipped off about a priceless loot that she could get her hands on. She slipped into the house and peeks into the kitchen and sees the juicy booty she was about to make hers...exotic brunette Lilimissarab! Sinn sneaks up on her and takes out a cloth on which she pours something to help her restrain this exotic creature. Sinn suddenly grabs Lili from behind puts the cloth over her mouth and waits until Lili stops struggling. She lowers her down to the ground and knows that the fun can begin. She grabs Lili by her arms and drags her away into the bedroom.

She then stripped Lili down until she is completely naked, ball gags her and ties her up on the bed. Lili wakes up and finds Sinn standing leaning over her, she's terrified not knowing what will happen. She realizes she's naked and unable to speak due to the ball gag. Lili is confused how come this female burglar feels the need to strip her down she thinks. Sinn soon makes her intentions known and tells Lili that she is going to fuck her likes she has never been fucked before. She gropes the naked and embarrassed Lili roaming her hands all over her tits and ass. She makes her even more uncomfortable when she suddenly sucks on her nipples and devours her tits. She tells Lili that she is going to take out the ball gag if she promises not to scream or make any noise, but if she does she will be punished accordingly. Lili agrees and she knows that she has no choice, but to let Sinn have her way with her. Lili sees that Sinn has put on a strap-on and orders Lili to suck it to make it nice and wet. Lili does as she is told and reminds herself that as long as she plays nice and does what she's told it will be over soon. Lili sucks on the strap-on like her life depends on it making sure not to disappoint her captor.

Sinn orders Lili to stop sucking and moves to her legs which she spread revealing her wet pussy. She brings her face down between Lili's legs and goes right to tongue fucking Lili's swollen clit and devouring her pussy. Lili moans as she thrusts her hips and cums on Sinn's face.

Now it's time for Sinn to give Lili the fucking like no man has ever fucked her before. With her strap-on in hand Sinn positions herself between Lili's legs and fucks her tight, wet pussy with the lifelike cock until Lili can't take it anymore. Lili feels that she is about to cum again and tries hard not to, but Sinn knows that it's coming whether Lili wants it or not she will make her cum again. Sinn gives her a few extra thrusts and takes the strap-on out Lili's pussy and with that Lili squirts her juices all over the place. Sinn tells Lili that she was a good little fucktoy and promises to swing by again someday to give her another good fuck. Sinn leaves and Lili stays behind on the bed still trying the process the whole ordeal.

Containing the following erotic elements: lesbian, lezdom, strap-on fucking, pussy licking, titsucking, ball gagged, tied up, burglar, bound and gagged, squirting

Date added12 Mar 2020
Runtime19 minutes
ResolutionFull HD 1080p
File formatmp4
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Top performer: Lilimissarab


Top performer: Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage


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