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This is absolutely nerve wracking. You're worried that your first ever prostate exam will be so embarrassing. You've already had to take time off, so there's no point rearranging now. It's best to get it over and done with. You're called into the private room and to your surprise a young female nurse is waiting for you there. She asks what she can do to help you and you sheepishly explain. She's just as surprised as you are, as normally these kinds of appointments are dealt with by a male nurse or doctor. Unfortunately, there is no-one available in the clinic today that would be able to take care of you, so she attempts to put you at ease by saying that it will be over and done with quickly. She tries to make a joke about having warm hands, but you're still mortified. She seems so matter of fact about the whole thing, that you don't really know what to do with yourself. Now you are absolutely mortified as you are terrified that you'll get overexcited during the examination and wind up with an erection in front of the pretty young nurse. You take your trousers off behind the curtain but peek through to see her putting on her gloves and lubing up her fingers for the examination. She instructs you to lie down on your belly on the examination bed. It's a relief to begin with... at least your cock will be hidden if it springs into action. The Nurse advises you that she is having trouble though, and instructs you to turn over. Her hands are warm, and her finger wiggling around in your ass is too much to bear. You flush bright red and attempt to pull away from her to hide your erection. She's trying to laugh it off, but it only feels like she is laughing at you and so you become tense. She begins to change the subject... why not cover two needs at once? Have you ever had a sperm count sample taken? You answer that you haven't, but she suggests that her professional methods may help you to relax. If you enjoy medical fetish, nurse roleplay, handjobs, ass fingering and prostate massage, you are sure to enjoy my bedside manner in this video! This video contains: Nurse Roleplay, Glove Fetish, Medical Fetish, Prostate Massage, Kink, Hand jobs, Cosplay/Costumes and of course, yours truly.

Date added16 Dec 2019
Runtime8 minutes
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Top performer: Buffy LeBrat

Buffy LeBrat